Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The first post

Welcome to the Joy of Learning Conference blog. This blog is attributed to the EDEN 2013 Annual Conference and will be live throughout the conference. The blogger team consists of the great Steve Wheeler and the Young Scholar Blogger Squad, a group of enthusiastic young researchers who answered our call and will provide you a unique insight to the conference: Helen Hughes, David Sik, Lindsay Noel and as our photoblogger: Danuta Starikova. 

Are participating at the conference and interested in joining the 'EDEN Blogger Squad'? Just drop an email to suba@eden-online.org and Eva will grant you access. 

While waiting for the conference to start, take a look at the conference web or read the interviews with Sugata Mitra, Bernard Luskin and Anna Kirah or join the conference groups on the EDEN NAP Area and on Facebook.